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Media interviews will be given only in conjunction with a firearm safety class. (range experience can be waived) Otherwise, you are free to quote our position on these issues.


Firearm Issues:


"Assault Weapons" ~ The so-called term "assault weapon" is a purely political term and has no basis for fact in describing firearms or a class of firearms.

Definition of an "assault weapon" varies from one jurisdiction to another and are not defined as a type of firearm...only if they possess certain features.

A more accurate description would be "Defense Utility Rifles".

The ubiquitous AK 47 is possibly the best know of that that type of weapon, but it is, in realty, less dangerous than most auto-loading hunting rifles that have been available for civilian use for over one hundred years.


"Assault Weapon Ban" ~ The "ban" was a myth. It was never a ban to begin with and this myth has been continued by the media all the while knowing doing so is wrong, or they never read the law to begin with.

The law never banned anything except the import of new weapons in a certain category from importation during the ban period. This also applied to magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds. "banned" firearms and magazines were still sold by dealers and owned by gun owners during the ban period. The only thing the ban accomplished was increasing the demand while the supply remained the same. No banned weapons were ever removed from the street and were still available for purchase.


"Gun Show Loophole" ~ Once again this term is used to confuse the public into believing that firearms can be sold illegally at gun shows. All firearm transactions at gun shows are conducted within all applicable laws.
But there is no requirement that firearm transactions between private parties be conducted by a licensed federal firearms dealer. To do so would also require that firearm transactions between family members also be reported to the federal government. Registration and licensing schemes do nothing to improve safety.
Is there a First Amendment "loophole" that allows a news outlet to intentionally lie about an issue?

"Gun Buy-backs" ~ How can a state, local or federal government buy back something that was never theirs to begin with? Unfortunately these schemes dupe the public into believing that something positive is being done to reduce the number of accidents and violent crimes being committed with guns.

Gun "buy-backs" usually only attract unserviceable relics that have little to do with the problem, or because amnesty is offered for any gun that is turned in these schemes provide a way for criminals to dispose of firearms used in murders and other crimes without having them traced back. This leads to more unsolved crimes and families of victims waiting for answers that will never come.


"One-Gun-a-Month" ~ This is another misguided gun control plan that will not change the number of guns available to criminals. Criminals either steal their guns from lawful gun owners, or will pay a "straw purchaser" to buy the guns for them. Laws have never stopped the straw purchases, so why would another law limiting the number of purchases stop them? Criminals are criminals because they ignore the laws!


"Reasonable Restrictions on Firearms" ~ Who will define "Reasonable"? There are already "reasonable" restrictions on firearms. It is illegal to use a firearm to commit a violent crime. It is illegal to use a firearm to commit murder, armed robbery and a host of other crimes. Those restrictions haven't worked yet.

There are restrictions on age of ownership, calibers, noise suppressors, full auto, magazine capacity, length of the barrel, etc. 20,000 federal gun laws have not prevented the misuse of firearms by the criminal element. Gun laws only effect the ability of the lawful to own a firearm for personal protection.


"Children and Guns" ~ There is no magic age when firearms training should occur. It is universally agreed among firearm instructors that the sooner the better. This is something for parents to decide based on the maturity level of their children. Firearm safety training does not create "monsters". If children were trained to understand firearm safety rules fewer accidents will occur and children will learn how to cope if they come in contact with a firearm. This training also applies to parents even if there is not a gun in the house.


"Firearm Safety Rules" ~ There are many firearm safety rules which are required to be followed, but there are 5 basic rules that everyone should know and use every time they handle a firearm:

1. Firearms are always loaded.

2. Keep your finger off the trigger until the sights are on the target and you are ready to shoot.

3. Never point the firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy, including yourself.

4 Always be aware of your target and what is behind it and any other safety hazards.

5. Maintain control of your firearm at all times and keep it secured from unauthorized users.

Firearm accidents occur because of carelessness and ignorance. If these rules were applied there would be virtually no negligent firearm accidents.